ThroughoutGet married early. Anna is able to love a man sick drinking or Udachnik, but she has never regretted his choice. To help occupa Nome man will meekly bear their cross in their lifetime, trying to arouse partner thirst for existence and desire to fight for a place under the sun.

Anna - a faithful and devoted wife, and requires the same spouse. Faced with grubos Tew and rudeness, withdraws into himself and patiently waiting for better times. For her divorce and subsequent loneliness worse than lack of dignity.

Day: January 10, February 16, June 26, August 7, August 28, September 21, October 29 convent, November 12, December 21, December


Name comes from the Roman name Antonius, which means "to engage in battle." At an early age Anton charming and immediately likable. Throughout life, these qualities do not leave him. Читать полностью -->

It is clear what

It is clear whatOver the years, Tatiana becomes imperious and stubborn. It is clear what he wants to achieve in life. Defending their point of view, takes no objections. Thief yang force under any work. The main impetus for it is the approval of his superiors. relations with others in a pragmatic approach prevails.

In family life, Tatyana not everything goes smoothly, because disputed issues sah it seeks to impose its decision husband. Читать полностью -->

Toys for one year

Toys for one yearYour baby starts to pig and cockerel to go on another journey of discovery. As soon as he remembers the size and position of all the pieces, it will be a long time to enjoy folding them over and over again - well, like the first time - just to see how they are put together again.

Toys for one year old child, "lego"

If the traditional Mosaic (Puzzle) from wooden cubes - this is classical music with the same beginning, middle and end, you can always present in the mind, the "Lego" - a jazz improvisation of the endless variations. Since the pieces are put together, each time in a new and interesting option at the end of the tower can come in blue or colored, or something like no that.

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In this position, reminiscent

In this position, reminiscent Shaking a child's hand Swinging in the attitude of "embryo" I.


: baby lying on his back.

Group the child, ie, fold the handle on his chest tighten with bent legs to the stomach (spreading his knees and connecting the foot), tilt the head to the chest .

Hold hands and feet with one hand, and the other - keep your head under the occiput.

In this position, reminiscent of the position of the embryo, sway re child in different directions: forward, backward, left and right, in a circle - times in each direction.

This exercise is a beneficial effect on the nervous system and lead bulyarny machine, so it should be done several times a day.

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Causes of iron

Causes of iron Causes of iron deficiency anemia may include: n e d o s t a t o h n o s t s w s e s and d e n o p q r and n e d o n o w n e s t n o and n e r a t o n a l s e n o n and m and n e b e r e m e n x n s and n e m and y b e r e m e n s n x m n o r o p l o d and e; n e d o s t a t o h n o n e s t o n l n e with n and o f th f s e r a and Dr.


and x m and p on e l e m e n t o e, o n o d s t o p o n e n e i s in a m p l and a n e, n o n s e e e e d in a n e p r i k o m p a; n and p y w n e in a while with a s a n a g e l e h and k and w h e n and e n and p s and W o l e a n i x of p d a tio n and n o f c a p and m e o m n o d c and t e m s; n p and n in about to r n s x to p on in about t h e e n i x; r l and s t n e s and n in s and and and ( a n k and l on a t o m and d on h), x p o n and h e a k and f and n ^ e to c and o n s s e s a b o l e in a n and I ; n of a s w e n n a i n a n d b e n o s t s in w s e s e a n e r and d and n t e n s and n o p r o o s t a.

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